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Recent Site Updates

A list of the most recent website updates with a link to the page. Please report any broken links or incorrect information to the Baronial Webminister.


New Webpage Launched!

Added regalia and sorting options for Baronial Award Recipients

Added many newcomer informational Pages

Menu item for frequently used SCA/Kingdom Forms

Kingdom Connection for Facebook pages/Mailing lists/branches and distance from Barony


Officers page updated -reeve/rapier/archery

A&S page updated-New material from Isaac Bane

Newcomers page-added information about war and awards

Flamebearer page-added new editions

Scribal page-Added pictures of the new version of the Lanternarious award and the new Golden Beacon award, as well as added details regarding awards

Autocrat toolbox page-added Yule event checklist worksheet

Baronial Activities

The More, The Merrier!
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~Annual Events~

Wiesenfeuer Baronial
3rd weekend in April
Wiesenfeuer Yule
1st weekend in December

Any member or newcomer is always welcome and encouraged to attend Baronial meetings & practices!
(There is no charge to participate)

~Monthly Meetings~

1st non-holiday Monday
3rd non-holiday Monday
Arts & Sciences
2nd Thursday
Archery & Thrown Weapons
4th Sunday

~Weekly Practices & Meetings~

Rapier practice & FireStorm Ink Scribal Guild
Adult & Youth Chivalric (armored) combat & FireStorm Passion Guild









Chivalric is heavily armored combat with 'swords' and weapons made out of hard core rattan and is most similar to the type of fighting seen in movies. FireStorm Passion is a guild of Middle Eastern entertainers that practice dance and instruments to perform at various events. Loaner gear is available for both areas.
Rapier is a live steel, lightly armored combat similar to fencing. Scribal is the skill of designing and/or painting scrolls and award pages that are handed out for recognition of services or skills. Loaner items are available in both areas.
Yule is our annual one day holiday event in which the Barony hosts competitions, classes, and social activities. It is more of a social event with a focus on holidays and family. Garb (costumes) are required. There is a cost to enter. Details found on the event website.
Baronial is our annual campout (Friday through Sunday) in which the Barony hosts competitions, classes, and social activities. Garb (costumes) are required. There is a cost to enter. Details found on the event website.
A day at the range. Learn how to shoot the bow or crossbow and throw knives, axes, and spears. Loaner gear is available for you to practice with. Garb (costumes) are not worn, unless specified.
Arts and Sciences is a type of class or hands on event where someone teaches a skill to populace members that are interested in learning their craft. Garb (costumes) are not worn, unless specified.
Officers meetings are a meeting of all of the Baronial officers to discuss plans and actions of the Barony. Non-officers may attend, but only as observers, not as active participants. Garb (costumes) are not worn.
Populace meetings are a type of 'business meeting' where members of the Barony and visitors meeting to discuss Baronial and Kingdom items and plans. Garb (costume) is encouraged, but not required.